What does this mean for a Christian? I have recently been thinking if what I am doing is enough and right in God’s eyes. If I knew when I would die I would surely be doing things differently. Because you and I have an uncertain view of what the future is like, we tend to live our lives the way we want. Jesus had a clear view of what he was called for and he knew what he had to do achive that calling. He also sets an example for us on how to live our life on earth. Live by faith, live according to the will of God. Sometimes we may have to give up those that are close to our heart and put our trust in God so that he can do through us what needs to be done. As children of God, we may be put through a process of change so that we come out stronger and renewed. Jesus tells us in Luke 17:33: “Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.” Lets not conform to our old earthly patterns but let us transform ourselves through constant renewal of our mind so that we will be able to test and approve God’s good, pleasing and perfect will.

Written by Jeffin

Husband, father of two, evangelist and an entreprenuer.

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