Good news for me. I travelled to the middle-east from Australia, got a job and also found my life partner. We are getting married on August 22nd. Woohoo!! Wedding invitations and other details may come out soon. By the way, Dubai is really good place but its really hot. During the day, its hard for you to be out. Evening and night life is quite bustling. You get good and tasty food anywhere you go and at any time even at times way past mid-night. I am liking it here. Only problem is that our Churches here are not as fun as Churches back in Australia. For someone who’s too dependent on fellowship, this could be a discouragement. In my case, I need to be spending time with God in prayer so I don’t lose my passion. These are situations where I can be tested. I so want to be part of a ministry and I so want to see the world changed during my lifetime. God help me please. 🙂

Written by Jeffin

Husband, father of two, evangelist and an entreprenuer.

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