Life is filled with options and we have different reasons for the choice we make. For some the reason may be happiness, for some the reason may be money, for some it may be an unfulfilled dream and some others make decisions for negative reasons. With every choice we make there is a reason. In Luke 5:33-38 (mouse over to reveal verse), the pharisees ask Jesus why his disciples eat and drink while John the Baptist’s and their own disciples pray and fast all the time. Does not God require them to perform these rituals? Does Jesus not follow the traditions of the old testament.

Well our Lord Jesus had a reason why he did not allow his disciples to fast. He himself was the reason. As long as he, the bridegroom is with them there is no need to fast because we fast to be in the presence of God. Jesus Christ also explains this in a few parables. If we have an old cloth and a new one, would we cut the new one and repair the old one with it. No, because that destroys both the new and the old. Besides, why would we need the old torn cloth when we already have a new one? Would we pour new wine into an old wineskin? No, because that would break the old wineskin and ruin the wine. Would we choose new wine over old. No, we want the old one which tastes better.

Similarly, just because someone says you need to do something is not a reason enough for you to do it whether it is fasting or praying or ministering. What we do as a Christian should not come out of compulsion or tradition. It should come out of a need and hope. Jesus is the world’s greatest need and our greatest hope. So when we pray or read Bible, we should do it out of wanting to know God and to have our lives changed. When we help or minister someone, we should do it because Jesus did the same to us. For a Christian, there is no greater reason than Jesus. If this has blessed you or you have something more to add, please let me know. Thanks.

Written by Jeffin

Husband, father of two, evangelist and an entreprenuer.

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