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  • What George Müller said about the Gift and the Grace of faith

    What George Müller said about the Gift and the Grace of faith

    George Müller, a man of God who lived by faith distinguished between the extraordinary gift of faith and the more ordinary grace of faith. He ran an orphanage during when he would reply on God to supply his daily needs. He believed in God’s scriptural promises and so his needs were taken care of and his life thus remains as an example […]

  • Backup service for WordPress bloggers

    If you are a WordPress blogger like me, check out the CodeGuard plugin available at website. CodeGuard will back up and monitor your site for changes. When a change is detected, it will alert you and take a new backup of your database and site content. It works like a time machine. If you want […]

  • Faith – The connection between Power and Miracle

    Faith – The connection between Power and Miracle

    But Jesus said, “Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me.” (Luke 8:46) Jesus in one of his travels was followed by a large crowd pressing against Him. There were all types of people. People with needs, disciples and even critics. Everyone wanted to get close to this new person […]

  • Blog style changed

    Hi there, here’s another change to our blog theme. I am always on the look-out for a theme that fits our site the best. I think I like this one and I am keeping till I get bored with it. See you later.

  • Nice cake wifee

    Karuna baked this cake for a cousin on her birthday. Yumm.

  • Post wedding update

    Hello peeps, we are having a wonderful time here in Dubai. We found a new home, bought a new car, have a new job and waiting for more to come. Thank you Jesus. More updates to come soon. God bless ya and take care. 😉

  • In a relationship. Woohooo!!

    Good news for me. I travelled to the middle-east from Australia, got a job and also found my life partner. We are getting married on August 22nd. Woohoo!! Wedding invitations and other details may come out soon. By the way, Dubai is really good place but its really hot. During the day, its hard for […]