I was studying 1 John 2:15 which says:
‘Do not love the world or anything in this world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him.’

So what should I do? Hate and avoid everything even money, house, car, job etc. What is God saying here? I don’t believe in twisting the Word of God for our times or our own pleasure and altering its meaning. I believe God’s word can be used literally for the season we are in.

Let me help you understand.

Remember the story of how Jesus was tempted in the desert (Matt 4:8). The devil took our Lord to a high mountain and showed him the world and its splendour. Have you looked out your window and seen how the world looks like. The buildings, houses, nice cars, trees, all the fancy stuff. There’s so much here we can crave for. Jesus rebukes the devil, walks through the same streets that the devil claimed to be his, and ministered to the sinners and showed us true love.

Okay so, do not love the world does not mean we reject the world and choose to live away from everything. It means we love God above everything and not allow the world to influence our relationship with him. It is impossible for us to love the world and also love God. When we love something we automatically follow it or let it speak into us and we reject the opposite. Money or wealth is not bad. In fact, these are some of the things that follow blessing (Psalm 35:27). Wealth is bad if we allow it to deceive us (See Matt 13:22).

Another example – Television is bad if we allow it to cause lust in us. Television is also a great tool for evangelism. Love television and we can be deceived. Love God, not the television and we know how to use a television without sinning.

Jesus lived the same life we are now living. The difference is he loved the Father above everything.

What do you think? 🙂

Written by Jeffin

Husband, father of two, evangelist and an entreprenuer.

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