There are many websites today on the internet where you can go and fellowship with fellow Christians from all around the world. Christian forums are websites that allow you to share and discuss your thoughts with other members on the site. It’s a another great way to fellowship and learn the Bible at the same time. I happen to own and administer a Christian forum since December 2005 (which I think is one of the best) and I welcome you to join there with me. Just enter the url on your computer or your mobile device and sign up today. If you frequent another forum, you are welcome to share it in the comment section below. Hope you enjoy the fellowship.

Written by Jeffin

Husband, father of two, evangelist and an entreprenuer.

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  1. Jeffin Johnson

    Thank you Ryan. I just visited ChristianVolume today and I really love the new design there too. Well done. CV has a lot of potential to grow.

  2. Ryan Tomlinson

    Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement. It was hard to to decide on such a big change and delete the video site. I hope the new blog will be able to reach more for Christ. I have been meaning to plug back in at CFS as well. Hope things are going well with ya

  3. Jeffin Johnson

    Hi Ryan, I didn’t know you had to delete all those videos to make the change. I am sure this has happened for the better. You can post about the new site at CFS and get more people to join there. 🙂 God bless you.

  4. Ryan Tomlinson

    Ya, I was getting traffic to the videos but no participation or discussion. Wasn’t able to know if it was really helping anyone. With the blog I am hoping for more comments to better see the needs and how the site can help. Thanks I appreciate that. Where would be a good place to post? Would you want to do a link or banner exchange? I can put one in our sidebar or footer for CFS. Are traffic is down to about 8k unique and 14k visits a month but should be growing soon hopefully.

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