The book of Job is a valuable lesson for anyone who has gone through very bad times. Job, a man admired by God himself, hit his rock bottom when he lost everything. Satan took away Job’s wealth, people, children and in the end his health too. Job’s wife and friends blamed him for wrong doings instead of comforting him. Job only had God to plead to when all was taken away. He cursed his days, questioned God and asked for justice. If this has happened to you, how did you react? Did you blame someone? Did your friends come to your rescue? How did you manage to pull yourself out? I went through a similar situation and I learnt a lot of things from it. I learnt that I had to trust God only and literally pull myself out of the pit. You can only go up when you are at the bottom. I believe the right way of doing it is to seek God’s help and his guidance as you try to climb back up. God blessed Job in the end. His family, friends and wealth were all restored to him and his life continues to inspire us even today.

Written by Jeffin

Husband, father of two, evangelist and an entreprenuer.

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