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The Midnight Cry

King David used to spend his nights crying out to God for forgiveness and for help. In Psalm 6:6 he says "I am worn out from groaning; all night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears". That was his style of prayer as a King. As children of...

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A lesson from Job’s life

The book of Job is a valuable lesson for anyone who has gone through very bad times. Job, a man admired by God himself, hit his rock bottom when he lost everything. Satan took away Job's wealth, people, children and in the end his health too. Job's wife and friends...

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Can God (still) use me?

Above is a beautiful and illustrative video sermon from the life of Gideon that might be inspiring to you as much it was to me. And Below are some more inspiring videos from the Live Before You Die series by Daniel Kolenda....

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His Power is made perfect in My Weakness

Let me continue the story of Gideon from my previous post because I am reading the Bible in that order. Previously I told you that God chose a man called Gideon to gather a group of warriors and fight their enemy, the Midianites. It turns out that the men chosen by...

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Advertise on Christian Forum Site

Overview of Christian Forum Site Christian Forum Site is a friendly online community for Christians and learners all around the world to discuss Christian related or family friendly topics. It is also a great tool for leaders such as Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers,...

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