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Some points to encourage you in prayer

Secret of Supply - Let seeking of necessities be secondary. Spend first energies in seeking God and His righteousness and these things will be added. Luke 12:29-31 Not to lose heart but persevere - Do not give in to doubt fear, unbelief, discouragement, or excuses for...

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Retiring Christian Forum Site Topsites

As of today, I finally decided to retire the Christian Forum Site's Topsites page which displayed more than 500 manually approved Christian website links. After about 6 years of successfully running this link exchange program, I had to make this decision because of...

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The Anthem (Video & Lyrics) by Planetshakers

Lyrics By his stripes we are healed By his nail pierced hands we’re free By his blood, we’re washed clean Now we have the victory. The power of sin is broken, Jesus overcame it all, He has won our freedom, Jesus has won it all, Chorus: Hallelujah You have won the...

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Pastor V. T. Joseph

My grandfather Pr. V. T. Joseph was a legend. I found an old video on YouTube where he begins a convention with a prayer. Classic stuff! If you have a video recording of one of his sermons, please let me know. I am looking to sharing them online. Thanks you.

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Best Christian Forums

There are many websites today on the internet where you can go and fellowship with fellow Christians from all around the world. Christian forums are websites that allow you to share and discuss your thoughts with other members on the site. It's a another great way to...

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How important are we to God?

I am quoting James 1:18 in different translations just so you get a clear idea of where scripture places you and me in comparison to the rest of God's creation. Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his...

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God is doing a new thing for you in 2013

Yesterday at my Church I was given a opportunity to speak a message directed to our youth. As soon as the man of God who I love so much asked me to prepare a message in under 3 hours before the meeting, I said yes without any hesitation. Normally I would not do that....

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